Aim to discover what our noses do

To discover what our noses do
To learn that God made them and how valuable they are

*Pictures of the five senses
*Smell, by Maria Ruis
*A Story – The Smell of Soup
*Objects for children to smell; a flower, soap, lemon, coffee, pine leaf, banana, etc..
*A picture of a boy smelling with space to stick pictures
*Picture cards showing things we can smell
*Glue & scissors,

Lesson Outline
1. Introduction
2. Discussion
3. Activities – identify smells, cut & paste pictures, memory game, act out a story
4. Review aims of lesson
5. Prayer

1) Introduction
Remind the children about the five senses. Show large pictures of eye, ear, nose, mouth and hand and remind them about what senses we have done so far.

2) Discussion
* Talk about the children’s noses – the different parts, shape and size. You can breathe through your nose and smell with your nose. What is your favourite smell and the smells you don’t like. What would it be
like if we couldn’t smell?

*Read “Smell,” by Maria Rius
*What smells do you remember from the story? – flowers, cake, cows, perfume salty breezes, lavender, wood burning, fish, bread, damp earth, hot soup

3) Activities
*Give objects for the children to smell. Can they identify them? Which do they like?
Which don’t they like?
*Play the memory game
*Children cut out small pictures and stick them on picture of a boy smelling something
*Read and act out “The Smell of Soup”


4) Review the aims of the lesson
To discover what our noses do
To learn that God made them and how valuable they are

5) Prayer
* Say a prayer to thank God for giving us noses and the gift of smell