Aim to know the key events of the story: to understand why Jesus was crucified

* To know the key events of the story
* To understand why Jesus was crucified

• Bible passages – (Matt: 26-27; Mark: 14-15; Luke: 22-23; John: 18-19)
* First Bible Stories – John Dillow
• Visual Aids – large pictures of the story,
• Worksheets
• Material to make crosses
• 12 sugar cubes, glue, small sprigs of silk spring flowers (sugar cube cross)
• Sticky-back plastic, tissue paper, black paper (stained glass cross)
• Clothes pegs, brown craft foam or brown card, white glue (clothes peg cross)

Lesson Outline
1. Introduction
2. Story
3. Questions
4. Activities – worksheets, retell the story, make cross
5. Review the aims
6. Prayer

1) Introduction
* Begin by reviewing the story so far. Jesus has just been arrested in the garden of Gethsemane.
* Explain the meaning of key words. deny, blasphemy, paradise
– deny – to say something is not true
– blasphemy – something you say or do that insults God
– Paradise – a good place you go to after you die


2) Story
Main events
1. Peter denies Jesus three times
2. The Jewish council find Jesus guilty of blasphemy
3. Judas Iscariot hangs himself
4. Jesus is tried before Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor
5. Barabbas is freed and Jesus sentenced to death
6. Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry his cross to Golgotha
7. Jesus is nailed to the cross with two thieves
8. The right-hand-side thief defends Jesus, who promises he will be with Jesus in paradise
9. The sky becomes dark
10. Jesus dies


3) Questions
1. What happened when Peter denied Jesus a third time? – the cock crowed
2. What is blasphemy? – something you say or do that insults God
3. What happened to Judas Iscariot? – he hanged himself
4. What was the name of the Roman governor? – Pontius Pilate
5. Who was freed from jail? – Barabbas
6. Who helped Jesus carry the cross? – Simon of Cyrene
7. Who was nailed on the cross with Jesus? – two thieves
8. What did Jesus say to the thief on the right? – “Today, you will be with me in paradise.”
9. What name did the soldiers give Jesus? – King of the Jews
10.What did Jesus say when he was on the cross?
“Father, forgive them. They know not what they are doing.”
“My God! My God! Why have you left me?”
“It is finished! Father, into your hands, I place my spirit!”
11. Why did Jesus have to die?

a) The Jews didn’t understand Jesus was the Messiah, so Satan could attack him. If he had been accepted the Kingdom of heaven could have been built on earth during Jesus’ lifetime. He said
new things about God which were different from what the Jews believed. They thought his words were blasphemy. Without support, he could not avoid dying on the cross

b) He died so that our sins would be forgiven. It was the price he paid for us to be saved. By willingly giving his life, he could show he loved the very people who were putting him on the cross. He demonstrated God’s standard of love. Though Satan took his physical body, Jesus’ spirit was free of Satan’s attack. He opened up a place in spirit world called paradise. Anyone believing in Jesus could have hope to be in paradise with Jesus.

4) Activities
* Retell the story and put pictures in the correct order
* Make a cross to remind the children of the story
* Worksheets
1. Jesus is arrested – Find the parts to make a rooster. Find 10 silver coins
2. The Road to Golgotha – answer questions and colour the picture
3. Jesus’ words on the Cross . Solve the code to find out what Jesus said


5) Review the lesson aims
* To know the key events of the story
* To understand why Jesus was crucified

6) End with a Prayer

fourthManish Saluja