Aim to learn how Isaac met Rebecka

*To learn how Isaac met Rebecka
*To learn about the blessing and how the children’s parents met each other.

Genesis 24: 1-28, and 50-67.
The Beginner’s Bible
Visual aids: pictures from the story
Blessing pictures of the children’s parents
Key words: Isaac, Rebecka

Lesson Outline
1. Introduction
2. Tell the story
3. Questions
4. The Blessing
5. Activities – retell the story, act out the story, draw a picture of parents, worksheets
6. Review the aims
7. Prayer

1) Introduction
Remind the children that God promised Abraham and Sarah a baby boy even though they were very old. God kept his promise and Sarah had a boy called Isaac, which means laughter. Today’s story is about when Isaac grew up.

2) Tell the story
A Bride for Isaac
When Isaac grew up, his father Abraham told one of his servants, “Go to my homeland, where we came from and find a bride for Isaac. I want her to be someone who believes in God.“

So Abraham sent the servant on his way with ten camels and a lot of jewellery and clothes. They were gifts for Isaac’s new bride. 
The servant reached Abraham’s homeland. He stopped by a well and prayed to God for help. “Dear God, when girls come to take water from the well please show me which girl you have chosen for  Isaac. the woman you have chosen for Isaac. Let her be the one who offers water to me and to my camels.”

Before he finished praying, a young woman with a jar walked towards the well. After she had filled her jar, the servant asked her for a drink. She gave him a drink. Then she gave water to his camels. She was the answer to his prayer! Her name was Rebecka. 

The servant gave her gifts and they went to meet her father. He explained why he had come and that his pray had been answered. The servant asked for his permission to take Rebecka to Isaac.

Her father said yes, and Rebecka told the servant she would be happy to go,  The next day Rebecka followed the servant back home. When Isaac and Rebecka met they liked each other very much.

Soon, they got married. They had two twin boys and called them Esau and Jacob.

3) Questions
* What kind of a wife did Abraham want Isaac to have?
– someone from his homeland, his own people
– someone who believed in God
*Who did Abraham send? – his servant
*What did the servant take with him? – 10 camels and a lot of jewelry
*Why did he take them? – They were gifts for the bride’s family
*What did he do when he got there? – He prayed to God for guidance
*What did he ask God? – ‘show me the woman for Isaac. I will know she is the one if she offers  water to me and my camels’
*What happened? – His prayer was answered. A girl carrying a water jug gave him and his camels water
*What was her name? – Rebecka
*What did the servant ask her father? – ‘Can I take Rebecka to Isaac to be his wife?’
*Was she happy to go? – Yes
*What happened when Isaac and Rebecka met? – They liked each other very much and got married
*What were the names of their children? – Esau and Jacob


4) The Blessing
* Discuss how the children’s parents met and how they were married. Do they know?
*In our church we have a special way to get married called the Blessing. Here are some key points:
1. Many couples are chosen by True Parents. Did that happen with your parents?
2. They are usually from different countries. Where are your parents from?
3. Couples wear wedding clothes. Suits for men, white dresses for women. Do you have a picture from your parent’s blessing?
4. True Parents bless many couples at the same time?
5. Couples drink holy wine
6. True Parents say a blessing prayer
7. The couples promise to God to always stay together
8. They promise to be good parents and teach children God’s way
9. True Parents sprinkle them with Holy water
10.They exchange rings

If the children bring their parents blessing photos use them to stimulate discussion
* Abraham wanted Isaac to find a bride who believed in God. In our church all couples believe in God and follow true parents
* Abraham’s servant prayed for God’s guidance to find the right person. In our church we also pray for God’s guidance to find the right person to marry

5) Activities
*Put the pictures in the correct order and retell the story in your own words
*Draw a picture of your parents in blessing clothes
*Colour the picture of Sarah and add water jars
*Help Rebecka find her way to Isaac
*Find 10 differences between the pictures
*Find 9 water jars

6) Review the lesson aims
*To learn how Isaac met Rebecka
*To learn about the blessing and how the children’s parents met each other.

7) Prayer
* Say a prayer to thank God for helping Isaac find a bride. Thank God for your parents and for the blessing they could receive from True Parents

firstManish Saluja