Aim to learn that David could defeat Goliath because God was with him

*To learn that David could defeat Goliath because God was with him
*To learn that small people can do big things with the help of God

* The Beginner’s Bible 1 Samuel: ch. 15-17
* Visual aids – pictures from the story
*David & Goliath game – 5 small and I big stones or marbles, masking tape
* Measuring Goliath – large brown paper

Lesson Outline
1. Story
2. Questions about the story
3. Discussion
4. Activities – David & Goliath game, memory, Measuring Goliath, Finger Play, a picture to colour
5. Review the aims
6. Prayer

1) Story
David is Chosen (1 Samuel 15:1-16:13)
The first king of Israel was King Saul. He was a good king at first but then he started to disobey God, so God asked the prophet Samuel to find a new king.  God said to Samuel, “Go to Bethlehem
and there is a man named Jesse with eight sons.  One of them will be the next king.” When Samuel met Jesse he said, “I would like to meet your sons.

When Samuel saw them he thought these are strong-looking men. But God told him, “I do not look at the outside of a person. I look at the inside of a person. I look at the heart.”
Then Samuel asked Jesse, “Do you have another son?” Jesse said, “Yes, his name is David. He is out in the field with the sheep.” Samuel asked to see him.

As soon as David arrived, God told Samuel, “He is the one I want to be the next king.” Then Samuel anointed David. He poured oil on David’s head, and he was filled with God’s power.

David & Goliath (1 Samuel 17:1-51)
The Philistines were enemies of God. Their army came to fight King Saul’s army. A giant soldier called Goliath was over 9 ft (2.7 m) tall. He yelled, “Bring out your best soldier to fight me! If your strongest soldier defeats me, we will be your slaves!” he boomed. “If I defeat him, you will be our slaves!”

King Saul’s soldiers were afraid. They did not want to fight the giant. Meanwhile, young David was taking food for his brothers. They were soldiers in King Saul’s army. When David reached the camp, he saw Goliath. David heard the giant’s challenge.

“I am not afraid to fight the giant,” said David. King Saul called for David and told him, “You cannot fight the giant. You are too young.” David replied, “God will be with me.” 

King Saul gave his armour to David, but it was big and heavy. David wasn’t used to wearing armour. David went to a nearby stream and picked up five stones. He stood before Goliath. The giant laughed at him, but David didn’t care. He said, “I come before you in the name of the Lord who rules over all.”

David put a stone in his sling and ran towards the giant. Then he let the stone fly. It hit Goliath’s forehead, and he fell to the ground! The Philistines saw that their hero was dead. They ran away.

2) Questions about the story
*Why was God not happy with King Saul? – He started to disobey God
*What kind of new king was God looking for? – a person who is good on the inside
*How tall was Goliath? – 9 ft / 2.7 m.
*What did Goliath have to fight with? – a sword, spear and shield
*What did David have to fight with? – a sling and five stones
*Why did Goliath laugh at David? – He thought he was too young to fight
*What did David say? – God will be with me
*Where did the stone hit Goliath? – on the forehead
*How could David defeat Goliath? – with the power of God


3) Discussion

*What does God look for in a person?
*Does our size really matter to God? Does He care if we’re short or tall, fat or skinny? Just because you are small doesn’t mean you are weak. Goliath looked strong on the outside, but real strength is on the inside. David had God on his side and that is stronger than anything. God doesn’t look at the outside of a person. He looks at the inside of a person. He looks at the heart
* No matter how old you are, God thinks each person is important. With God’s help we can do lots of important things and even great things
* Could God use YOU to do something special for Him? If we ask God, He will always help us.

4) Activities
* Picture cards – retell the story using the cards / play the memory game
* David & Goliath game
*Finger Play ~ David meets Goliath
* Measuring Goliath
* A picture to colour

5) Review the lesson aim
*To learn that David could defeat Goliath because God was with him
*To learn that small people can do big things with the help of God

6) Prayer

firstManish Saluja