Aim to be more aware of the importance of courtesy

* to be more aware of the importance of courtesy
* to practice using polite words

* Story – Please, by Alicia Aspinwall
* Picture cards of different virtues
* Picture cards showing courteous behaviour
* a list of courteous words
* worksheets

Lesson Outline
1. Review Virtues
2. Story
3. Discussion
4. Activities – match words & pictures, role play, memory, worksheets
5. Conclusion
6. Prayer

1) Review Virtues
Remind the children that God wants us to be good. This means developing good qualities in our character called virtues. Can they remember any virtues? Show the picture cards. Can they name them? Can they match the words and pictures?

2) Story
determination – compassion – respect – responsibility – courage
gratitude – honesty – self-discipline – courtesy – trust
Today’s lesson is about courtesy and good manners. To be a good person we need to learn good manners. 
One very important word is please. Today’s story is called “Please.”

3) Discussion
What keeps all “pleases” happy and strong?
How did Dick’s parents feel about Dick’s rudeness?
Why did Dick’s “please” leave his mouth?
Why is it important to say please when you want something?
When should we use the word please?
Do you forget to say please sometimes?
What other polite words can we use to show good manners?
When do you use them?

4) Activity
* Put words to pictures – Ask children which polite words we would use in each picture
– shopkeeper and customer
– in school
– when you have an accident
– on a bus
– at a party
– when you are given something
– ordering food in a restaurant
– when parents are talking
– meeting friend
– serving food
– coughing
– asking for food

* Role Play – Demonstrate polite words and behavior by acting out examples in the pictures, or create a new scene.

* Memory game – Use the cards to play the memory game

* Complete the worksheets

1. Solve the code to explain the meaning of courteous. Complete the word search.

2. Fill in the missing polite words. Draw a picture that uses one of the words.

5) Conclusion
To conclude ask each person what they could learn from today’s lesson. Refer to the lesson aims:
* to be more aware of the importance of courtesy
* to practice using polite words

6) End with a Prayer

fifthManish Saluja