Graphic Organizers!

Graphic organizers are a great way for Elementary Children (who can write) to organize their thoughts, reflect on the lesson, do a worksheet after a lesson to share with a partner or whole class after. Find great free ones here!

Back to School- Creativity Pack

Person- About Me

Idea Wheel- 4 blanks

The 5Ws- who, what, when, where, why

KWL Chart- What I Know, Want to learn, What I Learned

Cluster Web

Flower Writing- main idea + details

Ice Cream- Topic + ideas

Sandwich- Topic, details, conclusion

Bubble map

Cause & Effect

3 Graphic Organizers- Character vs. Problem, Chain of Events, Compare & Contrast

Main Idea of Story 

Sequencing, Story Details, Word Web

50 Graphic Organizers! Lots of variety

Opinion Writer Hamburger

Story Elements- fun graphics

Venn Diagram- comparing similarities & differences

Clock- 12 spots to write

Tree- trunk: topic, branches: details

Note Taking- thoughts, facts, opinions, questions

Leena Vincenz-Gavin