I can SEE & HEAR!

Lessons designed for ages 2-6. This lesson will explore both the sense of seeing & hearing through fun interactive learning games and crafts. Children will also learn about "listening ears" and "looking eyes" during learning time. Choose the activities that work best for you!


“I Can See & Hear”   Unit: God Made Me- My 5 Senses

LESSON PURPOSE: God gave me eyes to see and ears to hear!

MATERIALS: Learning & teaching toys such as: mirror, magnifying glasses, sunglasses, instruments.

SONG IDEAS: God Made Me. Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes. O Be Careful. If I had a Hammer.

BOOKS: My Five Senses Books


  • Things for my eyes- magnifying glasses, goggles, binoculars, sunglasses, mirrors.

  • Things that make noise- shakers, bell, drum, maraca, flute, xylophone


"Ears that hear and eyes that see— the Lord has made them both." -Proverbs 20:12

"The five senses work together for one harmonized body, so at what point does this harmony take place? Life itself is the center of all five senses." -Rev. Moon


REVIEW & TRANSITION: Last week we learned that God, our Heavenly Parent, made you and me! We also learned that each one of us is unique and beautiful in a different way. Now we're going to start learning about something very special God gave us... our Five Senses! 


  • Look Guessing Game! Hold up a picture in one hand & hold up a black piece of paper with a square cut out in the middle in the other hand- so that the original picture is peeking through. Have children “Look!” and guess what each picture is of- then lift away the black paper to reveal the complete image!

  • Paint Mixing! Teacher mixes two paints to make a new color. Mixing paint- red + yellow= orange, blue + yellow= green, blue + red= purple. Talk it through and ask students about what they see!

INTRO: During the month of October- we are going to be learning about how God gave us our body! We get to experience life with our 5 senses using our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands, feet and heart. Our senses are a gift from God!


READ ALOUD: Nature Stories (ask children what they see & hear in the story) or Five Senses Stories


SONG: “I use my eyes to see. I use my eyes to see. Hi, Ho, Did you know? I use my eyes to see!” tune of The Farmer in the Dell

God gave us Eyes so we can see all of the beautiful creation! Point to your eyes. We use our eyes to look at all of the beauty of creation- our eyes help us see where we are going. It’s important to take good care of our eyes. We can eat a lot of carrots for healthy eye sight, wear sunglasses in the summer and goggles when we go under water! Did you know God gave us eyelashes to protect our eyes from dust and tears to wash dirt out of our eyes?

GROUP ACTIVITY: Let children explore with magnifying glasses or mirrors.


  • What color are your eyes? How many do you have? What’s your favorite color to see?

  • What would it be like if we couldn’t see? Some people are blind and use a walking stick. Some wear glasses.

GIVE ME FIVE: During learning time, we use “watching eyes”! Let me see your “watching eyes” (Have students make binoculars with their hands! Or use toilet paper binoculars/spy glasses). During lesson time, we look at our teacher to show respect. When we see our friend, we look at them and greet them!  


SONG: “I use my ears to hear. I use my ears to hear. Hi, Ho, Did you know? I use my ears to hear!” The Farmer in the Dell

God gave us ears to hear! Point to your ears! Hearing kind words from others fills our hearts. Protect our ears- to clean our ears we let a grown-up help us with a q-tip! We wear hats, earmuffs in winter to cover our ears from the cold! (Some people are deaf, so they have to lip read or use sign language.)


  • Play Instruments: Play several instruments for children to listen to. Have them close their eyes & see if they can guess the sound. Or let them play along to some music.

  • Egg Shakers: Fill plastic Easter egg with different objects like: coins, corn kernels, cotton, rice etc. Have children listen to & guess the sounds. May want to tape the egg shut.

  • Listening Walk Outside: What do you see? What do you hear? Let each child bring in one favorite fall item like a flower. Teacher draw pictures of what children saw and heard to review.

  • Sorting: Sort the “Seeing” and “Listening” toys: Sit in a circle. Hand each child an item from today’s learning toys. Take turns in the circle putting the item into the correct hula hoop in the middle for “Seeing with your Eyes” and “Listening with your Ears”.


  • What kinds of sounds do you like to hear? We can hear high sounds & low sounds, loud sounds & quiet sounds.

  • What sounds make you happy?

GIVE ME FIVE: During learning time, we turn on our “listening ears!” When the teacher or our friends are talking, we are listening. (Optional: give students listening headbands)


So, who can tell me what we did today? What did we learn about? Turn to a friend and tell them about your favorite part of the lesson. God gave us our bodies- eyes & ears and our five senses to bring us joy! We can enjoy creation, praise God and help others through our listening eyes and ears. Next week we will learn all about how our nose & mouth! ;)


Dear Heavenly Parent, thank you for giving us our bodies. We love to see with our eyes and hear sounds with our ears. We are so grateful and will appreciate what we were given. Amen. Aju!

CRAFTS! Choose 1 or more of the following options:

  • Fall Shakers: mini water bottle or toilet paper roll, popcorn kernels, ribbon

  • Listening Headbands: print out, construction paper, scissors, gluestick, string, crayons

  • Binoculars or Spy Glasses: toilet paper rolls, tape, string, markers, stickers

  • Listening Award: Give children awards to decorate for listening eyes & ears!


  • Eye Cookies- take 1 large oreo & 1 mini oreo and put them together to make eyes!

Enjoy the lesson! Feel free to submit photos to lgavin@unification.org Love seeing lessons come to life and each community!

*Pass out “home connection” sheets & crafts for children to take home: