David & Goliath

Children will learn that no matter how small we may be- it’s the inside that matters! God believes in us to tackle the giants in our lives! Our Heavenly Parent is our rock!


Educational Framework: Heart for God

“David & Goliath” Unit: A Father’s Heart

LESSON PURPOSE: To teach children the story of David & Goliath. No matter how small we may be or how we look on the outside- God believes in us!

MATERIALS: learning toys- stones, sensory, game & craft supplies

BOOKS: Picture Book or Children’s Bible Story on David & Goliath

SONG IDEAS: Song of the Heavenly Soldiers, This Little Light of Mine, I’m in the Lord’s Army, God Made Me


  • Water Painting- painting with water on rocks.

  • Pom poms- sorting pom poms “rocks” by size- BIG or small.

  • Sand- in a sand table- hide 5 small stones and have children find them & hide them.

  • Cotton- cotton balls, sheep toys, and people toys “shepherds”

  • Measuring- measure things around the class- short and tall.

SCRIPTURE: Display the weekly scripture reading, have an older child read it or use it in the lesson as you like.

“The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.” -Psalm 18:2

"With God, nothing is impossible.” -Rev. Moon

INTRODUCE the Lesson:


SONG IDEAS: Song of the Heavenly Soldiers


Last week we learned about the Armor of God and how it can protect us! Did you put it on when you woke up each morning? With the Armor of God, we can be brave. Today we will learn a story about a small, young boy named David and how he was very, very brave.


  • Stones- Show children a handful of stones. Talk about them- how they feel and where they come from. Tell children that these stones remind you of a powerful Bible Story and ask them to each hold a stone tight in their hand as you tell the story and not let it go.

  • Mystery Box- Place a few prop items in to a bag. Ask children to feel the item with their hands and guess what it is without looking. Rubber band (sling shot), rock, sandals, cotton...etc. These are all things found in our Bible story today!


Brave- Have you ever had to be brave? What does it mean to be brave? Who is brave? (Superheroes, Merida, Paw Patrol, Daddy, Knights etc) That’s right! Let’s learn about young David and how he was brave!

CHOOSE 1 OR 2: READ A STORY, SING A SONG OR POEM, WATCH A VIDEO: *Use this before OR with your teaching point.

  • VIDEOS: click on the link for educational, sing along or dance videos


    • D-A-V-I-D (sung to the tune BINGO)

      There was a boy who would be king and David was his name-o, D-A-V-I-D, D-A-V-I-D, D-A-V-I-D and David was his name-o

      There was a shepherd with his sheep and David was his name-o…

      There was a boy who killed a giant and David was his name-o …

      There was a King who wore a crown and David was his name-o…

    • I’m in the Lord’s Army

      I may never march in the infantry. Ride in the cavalry. Shoot the artillery. I may never zoom o’er the enemy. But I’m in the Lord’s army (Yes, sir!)

      I’m in the Lord’s army (Yes, sir!) I’m in the Lord’s army (Yes, sir!) Repeat!

*TEACH the Lesson:

Discuss the following points together, asking children questions, drawing pictures, using anchor charts or post it notes.

TEACHING POINT 1: David & Goliath

Watch, read, tell or review the Story of David & Goliath with props or pictures.

Visual Props:

  • Cotton: David was a shepherd. He watched over his sheep. He was a kind boy and prayed to God. He was the youngest of his brothers but God had big plans for Him!

  • Paper Towel roll: sword. The Philistines wanted to fight Israel. The army knights (David’s brothers) were very scared because the Philistines had a giant named Goliath.

  • Sandals: David’s father sent him to bring his brother supplies. He walked there.

  • Measuring tape: Goliath was a large and scary giant. Show 9 ft tall! Everyone was scared- except for brave little David- He knew God was with him!

  • Bowl of Water: David saw a stream. (let children feel the water)

  • 5 small stones: And picked 5 small stones. (have children show their stone)

  • Slingshot: rubber band or yarn. He pulled out his slingshot and shot 1 rock at the giant- and struck Goliath! They won! Everyone was amazed at David’s bravery.

  • Bible/DP: God is always with us. When God is on our side- everything is possible! (Just like in Paw Patrol- “No job is too big and no pup is too small!” ;)

  • Crown: David grew up to become the King of Israel!


  • Goliath Target- knock over a Goliath statue with bean bags, bowling, marble rolling or water balloon targets!’

  • Rock toss- children practice tossing rocks into buckets or sliding rocks into a taped square on the floor.

  • Duck, duck, goose- “David, David, David...Goliath!” in a circle.

  • Ring Around Boy David- “Ring Around the Rosie”: Ring around boy David; The giant tried to scare him; David prayed, threw his stone, and Goliath fell down!

  • Harp music- have children listen and dance to beautiful harp music

TEACHING POINT 2: God looks in our Heart OR facing my giants *OPTIONAL EXTENSION: choose 1

  • My Heart- God doesn’t look at how small or big we are or what we look like on the outside. God looks at us on the inside- our heart. How kind we are to others, how helpful we are, faithful, prayerful, cheerful etc.

  • My Giants- David saw the giant and defeated him! What giants (struggles, challenges) do you want to defeat in your life? Maybe a new skill scares you like swimming or riding a bike. Maybe it’s nightmares or maybe overcoming giants like anger or jealousy by practicing patience and love. God will always help us overcome our giants.


  • Anchor Chart- draw a big heart or giant- write words inside from the discussion.

  • Pair Share- Have children share about what they love about the other person- their heart. Or share about a fear “giant” they want to fight & win over.


David was very brave- he trusted in God. God our Heavenly Parent, wants us to be brave! Jesus was very brave. True Parents are brave. True Father says that “With God, nothing is impossible!” So no matter how young or small we might feel sometimes- God and our parents love us and believe in us! God knows you will do great things, even if it sometimes takes some time. Let’s believe and be brave sons and daughters of God.


Dear Heavenly Parent, thank you for being our rock and strength. Thank you for David who was brave and defeated Goliath even when no one believed he could. We want to believe in ourselves as children of God our Heavenly Parent. Amen. Aju!

APPLY the Lesson:

CRAFTS: choose 1

  • Rock Painting- Have children paint kindness rocks. “The Lord is My Rock”

  • Pom Poms- Glue the Bible verse “The battle is the Lords” on a cup, brown paper bag or some kind of sack. Fill it with several pom poms as “rocks”.

  • Slingshot- Glue popsicle sticks in the shape of a “Y”, add yarn and 5 pom poms for rocks.

  • Popper- Have children make poppers using a ballon, cup or pool noodle and pom poms or marshmellows as “stones”.

  • Harp- Have children make a harp out of popsicle sticks & rubber bands and color them. Explain that shepherds often played music while they watched the sheep.

  • Printable- Story Sequencing Cards

  • Printable Reader


  • Pop Rocks- Have some fun with pop rock candy!

  • Celery & Raisins- Give children a celery stick (a stream) and 5 raisins (stones) to put in the celery stick.

Enjoy the lesson! Feel free to submit photos to lgavin@unification.org Love seeing lessons come to life and each community