Peace Starts With Me!

“PEACE Starts With Me” Unit: Living in Gratitude

LESSON PURPOSE: God’s ideal for Creation is a peaceful & happy world. We will learn about the meaning of PEACE + that it starts with ME!

MATERIALS: Items that resemble Peace, any visuals, printables, craft supplies you may need.

BOOKS: Picture Books on Peace

SONG IDEAS: Peace Like a River / P-E-A-C-E / We Are the World / It’s a Small World / One Family Under God / Let There Be Peace On Earth / With My Own Two Hands

AS CHILDREN ARRIVE: Choose 1 Sensory Activity:

  • Playdoh Peace Signs- On paper plates model a peace sign using playdoh. Have children roll out playdoh and make peace signs!

  • Peaceful World- Put out toys like animals, trees, characters.

  • Blocks- Have children build houses and villages.

SCRIPTURE: Display the weekly scripture reading, have an older child read it or use it in the lesson as you like.

"The ultimate ideal of God is a world that is peaceful and unified through true love, a world transcending religion, race, and nationality, in other words, the realization of "one family of humankind." -Rev. Sun Myung Moon

“Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” -John 14:27

"Peace begins with a smile" -Mother Theresa

INTRODUCE the Lesson:


SONG IDEAS: *Peace Like a River / *P-E-A-C-E / We Are the World / It’s a Small World / One Family Under God / Let There Be Peace On Earth / With My Own Two Hands


During the month of October we learned all about the beautiful world God made for us! Unfortunately, sometimes there is sadness, anger and fighting. God’s ideal and dream is to see a peaceful World where all people are happy, filled with love and kindness.


  • Globe- Show children a globe. Remind them of the world God made for us as you read the inspirational scripture verse or sing “Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with Me!”

  • Thumbs Up or Down- Ask children to do a thumbs up + smile when the word you say reminds them of peace & a thumbs down + frown when it does not. For example, “Is happy peaceful?” … happy, sad, angry, calm, stars, river, hugs, hitting, sharing, taking turns, rainbow, a tornado, being selfish, Saying mean words, a compliment, cleaning up, making a mess etc.

  • Mini Meditation- Have children relax, close their eyes, take deep breaths in and out while listening to peaceful music. Ask children to open their eyes and ask them how they feel?

INTRO: Today we will learn about the meaning of Peace and how peace starts with you!


  • READ ALOUD STORY: Picture Books on Peace


    • P-E-A-C-E:There is a way that we can live. And Peace is a way. P-E-A-C-E. P-E-A-C-E. P-E-A-C-E. And peace is a way!” (Sing to the tune of “BINGO” clap 1 letter at a time)

    • Peace Like a River: “I've got peace like a river, I've got peace like a river, I've got peace like a river in my soul. I've got peace like a river, I've got peace like a river, I've got peace like a river in my soul. Other verses: I've got love like an ocean . . . I've got joy like a fountain . . . “

    • Freedom: “Freedom, freedom, let it ring. “Let it ring” said Dr. King. Let us live in harmony. Peace and love for you and me. Freedom, freedom let it ring. “Let it ring” said Dr. King”

  • VIDEOS: click on the link for educational, sing along or dance videos

*TEACH the Lesson:

TEACHING POINT 1: A Peaceful World is God’s Dream.


When God, our Heavenly Parent, created the world- it was good. It was a beautiful- a peaceful place to live. (However, over time sometimes humans made bad decisions and caused sadness, anger or hurt. When people are selfish- it does not create a peaceful world.) God’s dream is for World Peace! Jesus taught us to love God and love our neighbors. True Parents traveled the world sharing about peace and building One Family Under God. Did you know True Parents build schools in Africa, started fish businesses to feed the world, had people of different religions, beliefs and colors cross bridges together and hug? They started many peace organizations like WFWP, UPF, Little Angels etc. to bring people together. There are many special people who’ve taught us about peace like Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr and the Dalai Lama. Everyone dreams of World Peace. So what is Peace? What does it look like and feel like?

Discussion: Discuss together about Peace. Use facial expressions and practice or act out some of the answers.

  • What does a peaceful world look like? Everyone is kind and gets along. Everyone loves each other, God and takes care of Creation.

  • Why is the world not always peaceful? People make selfish choices that hurt others.

  • What does Peace Feel like? A hug, embrace, warmth, calm, relaxed…

  • What does Peace Look like? A smile, working together, helping, sharing…

  • What does Peace Sound like? Calm, like a running river, laughter, pretty music…

TEACHING POINT 2: Peace Starts With ME!

TEACHING WITH DISCUSSION: Optional: Teach using this super cute printable book on peace!

Let’s close our eyes and take a deep breath in and out. When we are feeling peaceful- we feel calm and happy inside! It is a great feeling. When we are feeling peaceful, we aren’t scared or upset. To feel peaceful- we can take deep breaths, close our eyes & meditate, give a hug or dance to music. Sometimes when life is busy, we need to take a moment for peace. So let’s learn about what Peace is and how to create it! What do you think Peace is? Peace is…

  • Sharing with others

  • Using our words when we are upset

  • Working together & helping each other

  • Trying to find a compromise so everyone is happy.

  • Accepting we are all unique and different.


  • How can you be Peaceful? share, use our words, help others, compromise, love everyone, take deep breaths, relax.

  • How does being Peaceful help others? We can spread our peace, love, harmony and joy to others and it can have a ripple effect!

  • How does being peaceful in Sunday School look like? Being kind, waiting our turn, sharing, listening when our friend is speaking, sitting up criss cross, hands quiet in lap, being respectful to our teachers and friends.


God’s dream is a peaceful world. God wants his children to be happy and share joy and love together. Peace can start with ME! By taking time to be peaceful inside my heart- I can love others, help others and share my gifts with the world. I am a better person when I am peaceful.


Dear Heavenly Parent, please help us to be peacemakers by letting Your love flow through us so we can be our best self! Help us to feel loved, safe and peaceful in our hearts so that we can share that peace with others and make the world a better place. Amen. Aju!

APPLY the Lesson:


  • Guided Meditation: lay down, relax, close your eyes and follow along. Around 5 min max recommended for preschool age.

  • Cup Stacking: work together to build a tall stack of cups!

  • Balloon Up: Using a parachute, blanket or table cloth work together holding it to keep up a balloon in the middle. Move as one.

  • Service Project: Do a simple service project together. Make cards to give to Veterans for Veterans Day on Nov. 12 or clean up your church together.

CRAFTS: choose 1

  • PEACE Paper Plate- (Easiest) Pre-tape a peace sign on a white paper plate with masking or painters tape. Have children paint over the whole plate in fun colors. After it dries, take of the tape to reveal a peace sign.

  • Peace Rocks- Have children paint rocks using colors and images that make them think of Peace. Rocks can be taken home, given as gifts, left a park for someone else to find or left in Sunday school as a reminder and used as a calming tool for the child to hold in their hand if they need peace.

  • Around the World Bulletin Board- Make an Earth. Have each child color + decorate a person. Glue the people around the world on a bulletin board.

  • Friendship Art- Place several pieces of paper into a large rectangle. Have children work together to paint a mural. Or put on music and each time the music stops, children rotate to the next sheet of paper to add their touch to it. Hang it together as a large friendship mural or let each child take 1 home.

  • Children of the World- Print the coloring page.

    For Older Children:

  • Mini Peace Book- Print and put together these mini books ahead of time. Have children color + write words (or you write down what they say) and read it together.

  • Origami Birds- Create origami birds together to hang as a mobile or around the room representing peace.


  • Oranges- “Orange you glad God made you?” ;)

  • Gingerbread People- Children can decorate with frosting and candies.

Enjoy the lesson! Feel free to submit photos to Love seeing lessons come to life and each community

Home Connection:


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