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Educational Framework

YAYAM educational track for learning from age 0-18 taking our youth through: Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry & Young Adult Ministry. Centered on the Three Great Blessings cultivating a “Heart for God, People & Creation”. Learn what children are expected to “Do (Will) ,Know (Intellect) & Feel (Emotion) by the end of each age bracket. A wonderful tool to encourage flow of learning between different age groups and ministries and to apply locally. Click HERE for PDF.

cm Thematic Learning Map.PNG

Curriculum Map

This new Curriculum Map is being developed for Children’s Ministry! It encourages learning about Bible Stories, Divine Principle, Life of Faith, True Parents & Character Education through thematic learning. In this approach, all age groups have a common theme for the month. And with each age group the learning digs deeper, a new layer of understanding is added. Each monthly theme can include a variety of Bible, DP etc. When siblings of different ages are all learning about similar things on Sunday morning, families can share easily and apply the lesson further together throughout the week. This approach is called a “Spiral Curriculum”. Leena, Children’s Ministry Coordinator, is currently working on developing this Curriculum Map for our new Sunday School Curriculum for grades 1+2, 3+4, 5+6. If you have any questions or would like to give input on this new development please contact Leena at Click HERE for PDF