Nice to Meet You!

Hi, I'm Ms. Leena. I am honored and so excited to have recently become the National Children's Ministry Coordinator. I live in South Alabama together with my husband Jario and our two children. We are Pastoring our local church here with an emphasis on Children's Ministry.

My background includes Elementary Education K-9 with experience in teaching Kindergarten, Sunday School, Youth Ministry, Co-Pastoring & owning an indoor Play Place. I have always had a passion for teaching children. I now understand how God has shaped and formed me in to who I am today with the experiences I've had in order to be able to better serve you in this role.

Children are truly the future. And your role as their Sunday School Teacher, Parent, Auntie, Uncle or Grandparent is huge! We have more influence than we know. We have the opportunity to help our children fall in love with learning about our faith from a young age.

I want to help bring our Children's Ministries across the Nation to the next level, both internally and externally! As FAMILY Churches- we should have the best programs for children to grow up in. Educating the next generation is very exciting. Our Sunday Schools can become a natural witness to others as young married couples enter parenthood and look for a community to raise their children in.

I believe that children learn best in a positive learning environment. From the paint on the walls, to the organization of supplies, small sized tables and chairs and a learning rug- each part matters. We want to strive to create environments where children are smiling, learning and discovering together. A place where teachers guide the children in learning with the parental heart of God, so that children feel safe and nurtured. Here children learn through hands on experiences, play and discovery- where lessons speak to children and their every day lives.

I look forward to getting to know you and your passion for children. I can't wait to connect, collaborate and create together with you all. I look forward to sharing new resources as well as developing more hands on curriculum that incorporates age appropriate content including: DP, Bible, Character Education, True Parents and Faith Traditions. (Please know this will all take some time.)

The SUMMIT in August will be a great way for us to connect and support each other as well as future webinars. Thank you for all you do and being a part of this journey in educating the next generation.


Leena Vincenz-Gavin