Aim to learn that God protected Paul, because he listened and obeyed God

* To learn that God protected Paul, because he listened and obeyed God
* To learn the importance of listening and obeying parents

* Bible story
* Visual aids Pictures from – ‘Postcards from Paul’ by Hazel Scrimshire and James P. Smith
* Map of Paul’s journey
* paper boat design, scissors, glue, coloured pencils,

Lesson Outline
1. The story so far
2. Story
3. Discussion Points
4. Activities – make paper boats, act out the story, colour a picture, play ‘Man the Ship’
5. Review the aims
6. Prayer

1) Introduction
In last week’s lesson Paul travelled to Europe with Silas teaching people about Jesus. Many nonJews (Gentiles) listened and become followers, but also many Jews opposed them.
In Philippi they were arrested and put in prison. Then an earthquake opened the prison doors. The next day they were released from prison and returned to Antioch

2) Story – Paul’s Journey to Rome
In today’s story Paul travels to Rome as a prisoner, to meet the Roman Emperor. On the way he is shipwrecked on the island of Malta

3) Discussion Points
* Paul received guidance from angels and from dreams. The people were protected when they listened to Paul and were in danger when they didn’t.

* Children can learn from this story to listen to parents and obey them, then things will go well. If children don’t listen and obey, then many times things go wrong.


4) Activities
* Make paper boats

* Act out the journey to Rome
Move to the movement of the ship – sway left, right, forwards, backwards throwing everything off the ship trying to escape in a lifeboat jumping off the ship swimming, holding onto planks of wood collapsing on dry land being bitten by a snake

* Worksheets

a) Colour a picture of the shipwreck

b) Help Paul find dry land

Man the Ship
Everyone stands in a line facing the leader. If space is short, they can line up in pairs, holding hands. When the leader calls “Man the Ship” everyone must stand in line in the middle facing the
leader. When he calls “Man the Port” everyone moves to the left side. When he says “Man the Starboard” everyone moves to the right side. If someone goes the wrong way they are out. The
game continues until there is only one person left, the winner. The game can be made more challenging by adding extras commands. On “Man the Lighthouse” everyone raises both hands. On
“man the lifeboat” everyone crouches down.

5) Review the aims of the lesson
* To learn that God protected Paul, because he listened and obeyed God
* To learn the importance of listening and obeying parents


6) End with a prayer

fourthManish Saluja