Aim to learn that Paul was both attacked and protected because he told people about Jesus

* To learn that Paul was both attacked and protected because he told people about Jesus
* To understand that behind Paul, God and Satan were both working

* Bible story
* Visual aids Pictures from ‘Postcards from Paul’ by Hazel Scrimshire and James P.Smith
* Large coloured pictures from the story
* Map of Paul’s journey
* Materials to make Bible character mask

  • face pattern paper
  • plate
  • craft sticks
  • balls of wool
  • felt and fabric scraps
  • scissors
  • glue
  • coloured pencils
  • felt tip markers

Lesson Outline
1. Review last week’s story
2. Paul’s Journey to Europe
3. Discussion Points
4. Activities – Bible character masks, act out the story, worksheets
5. Review the aims
6. Prayer

1) Review last week’s story
Paul travelled from one place to another, teaching people about Jesus. Many non-Jews (Gentiles) listened and become followers, but the Jews opposed him. They drove him out of towns, had him
imprisoned and even tried to kill him. Last week’s story showed both the danger he was in and how God protected and guided him. Today’s lesson continues the story and the same theme.

2) Paul’s Journey to Europe
1. Paul & Silas go to Syria and Turkey

2. Troas – In a dream a man begs Paul to visit Macedonia in Europe, so they go there.

3. Philippi

a) Lydia and all her family becomes a Christians.
b) A slave girl, possessed by an evil, spirit is cured by Paul. But she also loses the ability to tell fortunes. Because of this, her owners have Paul & Silas arrested and put in prison
c) An earthquake opens prison doors and loosens chains. The jailer is baptized. Paul & Silas are released from prison the next day and leave Philippi

3) Discussion Points

* The Jews were angry with Paul, because he said Jesus was the chosen Messiah. They had wanted Jesus put to death. They didn’t believe Jesus was the Messiah. Instead they thought he was a false prophet, who used the power of Satan to heal people.

* The Gentiles were non-Jews. They were the ones who were inspired by Paul’s words and many of them were baptized and became new followers of Jesus.

* Paul travelled to many places. He was brave and spoke to both Jews and Gentiles. God wanted him to reach as many people as possible. Because of this he was attacked, driven out of towns and
imprisoned. For the same reason God protected him and performed miracles through him.

* Who in today’s story opposed Paul? 

* How was Paul protected?


4) Activities
* Make Bible character masks
* Act out parts of the story using the masks. Characters can be Paul, his friends, Jews and Gentiles
* Worksheets
a) Paul and Silas meet Lydia – find 12 differences between the pictures
b) An earthquake in prison – solve the code
c) Colour the picture


5) Review the aims
* To learn that Paul was both attacked and protected because he told people about Jesus
* To understand that behind all this both God and Satan were working


6) End with a prayer

fourthManish Saluja