God Made Water

SEE LESSON Plan below. Designed for children ages 3-5. Can be adjusted to use with children both younger and older. Enjoy making the lesson your own! And make sure to check out the Pinterest Board specifically designed for this lesson.

“God Made Water” Unit: Splash Into Summer

LESSON PURPOSE: God gave us water!

MATERIALS: Water toys and props, craft supplies

SONG IDEAS: By the Spring of Life, He’s Got the Whole World, Sailing with Our Father

Books:  Picture Books about Water, Rain, Bathtime or Swimming



  • Summer swim- A water sensory bin with rubber duckies or other water toys.

  • Make it Rain- poke holes in the bottom of cups and have children make it rain!

  • Ocean- fill the water bin with seashells, water beads or other ocean things.

  • Float or sink- water sensory bin with different items- guess if it’ll float or sink!


“But those who drink of the water that I give will never be thirsty.” John 4:13b
“Water goes as high as it can, all the way up to the sky, but then it seeps down to the deepest core of the earth as well. It goes not only high and deep, but also wide. There is no space where living things do not owe their life to water. There is no where water does not occupy compared to the human conquering of the world. Wherever water goes all living things must follow. This is true. Which would be more precious, pure air or pure water? In this perspective the most necessary thing for human kind is water, number one.” -Rev. Moon



Last week we learned about how God gave us Summer! There are so many things we love about Summer. Today we are going to SPLASH in to Summer!

ATTENTION GRABBER: choose 1 Optional: Sit together on a big blue plastic tablecloth (water)

  • Globe- show children a globe. “God made the World!’ Have them notice how much blue there is! Ask them what the blue represents- water. “Did you know that 71% of the Earth is water?” “And 60% of our body is made up of water!” God, our Heavenly Parent, must have had a reason for making so much water!

  • Water Pitcher- show children a pitcher of water & pour them each a small cup. Ask children what water tastes like. Why they drink it. How it makes them feel.

  • Rain gear- put on a rain coat, boots & hold an umbrella. Ask children why you’re doing this? Talk about rain- how it feels & sounds.


Ask children: “What is water?” Listen to their responses. Where does it come from? Rain, clouds. Where does it go? oceans, rivers, streams, lakes- my sink, tub, toilet. Who uses water? Plants, animals, us! What does it look, sound, feel or taste like? Water, rain, snowflakes, ice, waterfalls, ocean waves… “WOW! Water is amazing! Isn’t it?”

READ ALOUD: Optional: Read a picture book about water.


  • W-A-T-E-R BINGO There is something we need to live and water is its name-o. W-A-T-E-R, W-A-T-E-R, W-A-T-E-R, and water is its name-o!   
  • Water Water for the flowers. Water for the tree. Water for the bird. Water for the bee. Water for the rivers. And water for the Sea. Water for the World. And water for me!

SONG VIDEOS: click on the link:

*TEACHING POINT: Why God Gave us Water

Discuss with children: God gave us water! And we use it for so many amazing things.


  • DRINKING- Our body needs water every day to live! Plants & Animals also need water to live. (We should drink 6 cups of water a day. We can get additional water from fruits, vegetables, milk and juice. Did you know on a hot, sunny day we need to drink even more water? Why? Because we sweat out the water from our body.)

  • CLEANING- How do we use water to clean ourselves? We wash our hands, brush our teeth & take baths! We also wash our dishes, clothes & cars.

    • Saving Water- It’s important to not waste water. We can save water by turning off the faucet when we brush our teeth, or scrub soap in our hands, Only use filtered water for drinking and appreciate the clean drinking water we have.

  • ENJOYING- We can swim at the pool, lake or in the ocean. We can go to a splash pad or play with a water bin. What does water feel like? What do you like about swimming?

    • Water Safety- When we go swimming at the pool or beach it’s important to wear sunscreen and floaties. Never go near a pool without a grown up by yourself! Water is so much fun to play in and if we follow safety rules we can fully enjoy it.


  • Water Play- Play outside with a mini pool party, water bin, sprinkler or water balloons!

  • Water Relay- Relay race transferring water from a large bucket to another one using small cups or sponges.

  • Hot Potato- Use a water balloon to play hot potato!

  • Bubbles- Mix soap and water and play with bubbles!


  • Just like our body needs water to live, our spirit needs God’s love to live. So Jesus talked about the “Living Water” that gives eternal life. Jesus & TP are like living water. They connect us to God’s love. When we drink the living water, we never thirst.

  • Blessing- When we receive the Blessing of Marriage, True Parents sprinkle holy water on us to bless us! Holy water is very pure. “By receiving this Holy Water, we can spiritually cleanse our bodies…” -Rev. Moon


  • Water Sip- Have children take a sip of water and think about how with God’s love they are always complete.


Water is amazing! God wants us to use water, enjoy water, appreciate it and take good care of it. Water is refreshing, pure and gives us life. We love water!


Dear Heavenly Parent, thank you for giving us water! We love to drink water, play in water and get clean in water. Thank you for showing us your love through water. Amen. Aju!

CRAFTS: choose 1

  • Raindrop art- Have children glue on small bits of different colored blue tissue paper on to construction paper. Cut out raindrops and hang them from a cloud.

  • Watering can- Have children paint waterbottles or soda bottles. Poke holes in the bottom to create watering cans! (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!)

  • Coffee Filter Umbrellas- Have children use colorful markers to scribble on a coffee filter. Spray it wet with water. Fold it in half & let it dry. Add a handle to form an umbrella

  • Rain Stick- Have children color & decorate paper towel rolls. Fill it with rice & tape ends.

  • Watercolors- Have children paint with water colors. Cover the painting with plastic wrap to create a unique water effect.


  • Ice water- water with ice cubes.

  • Popsicles- an ice cold summer treat.

  • Lemonade- make lemonade with water & lemons.

  • Watermelon- a refreshing fruit filled with water.

Enjoy the lesson! Feel free to send me your photos at lgavin@unification.org :) Love seeing lessons come to life and each community making it their own! Sincerely, Leena

Leena Vincenz-Gavin