Honor Your Mother & Father

Celebrating Mother’s Day, the lesson builds upon learning from last week. Children will learn to make Mom feel extra special on Mother’s Day by learning to honor their Mother and Father.


Educational Framework: Heart for Others

“Honor Your Mother” Unit: A Mother’s Heart

LESSON PURPOSE: To reflect on what I love and appreciate about my Mom as well as learning how to Honor my Mom & show Filial Piety, as a child of God our Heavenly Parent.

MATERIALS: Picture Book, learning toys, craft supplies

BOOKS: Mama Do You Love Me? Me and My Mom, Thank You God for Mommy

SONG IDEAS: You Are My Sunshine, Song of the Garden, See Through Children’s Eyes


  • Dinner Table: play food, dishes, apron, table setting. Children set the table, cook & serve “dinner”.

  • Playdoh: children make flowers out of playdoh. “A Mother is like a flower, each one is beautiful & unique.” Or play baking and make playdoh cookies!

SCRIPTURE: Display the weekly scripture reading, have an older child read it or use it in the lesson as you like.

Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise).” -Ephesians 6:1-2

“Beyond the natural love of children for their parents, every child should be taught filial piety and reverence for each of his or her parents and God, the source of all true love...The goal and purpose of children's realm of heart is to learn the way of true love, through practicing filial piety.” -Sun Myung Moon

INTRODUCE the Lesson:


SONG IDEAS: You Are My Sunshine, Song of the Garden, See Through Children’s Eyes


Last week we learned all about “A Mother’s Love”. What are some things we learned about Mommies? Mommies are nurturing, busy, loving, hard working etc. They give us strong roots and help teach us lessons like patience, joy, strength, faith, compassion. Every mommy is different and beautiful in her own way. Some mommies work & some stay home with us. God gave us our Mommy and loves us through her. Today is Mother’s Day! We want to think about our own Mommy (special Grandmas & Aunties)- what makes her special! How can I show her I love her, appreciate her and how can I honor my Mother (& Father) in the way I live?


  • Photo: Teachers- show children a photo of you & your Mom. Share briefly with the children about your mom- describe her internally & externally. Share about some of your favorite things about your mom and a special memory you cherish with her. Have children close their eyes & visualize a favorite “photo” moment of them & their mommy.

  • Watch: “Mommy & Me” After watching, ask each child “What makes your Mommy great?”


Draw a Mommy. Ask children “What makes your mommy special?” write some words or draw some pictures around the Mommy to make an anchor chart, a simple compilation of what everyone loves about their Mommy. Note- if a child in your class doesn’t have a mommy at home- refer to a special Aunt, Grandma or female role model).

CHOOSE 1 OR 2: READ A STORY, SING A SONG OR POEM, WATCH A VIDEO: *Use this before OR with your teaching point.

  • VIDEOS: click on the link for educational, sing along or dance videos

    FOR FUN:



    • Oh Mother Dear  Oh Christmas Tree

      Oh Mother Dear, Oh Mother Dear.  Oh how I love you Mother Dear.

      Oh Mother Dear, Oh Mother Dear. Oh how I love you Mother Dear.

      You care for me. I care for me. Not just today but all year through.

      Oh Mother Dear, Oh Mother Dear. Oh how I love you Mother Dear.

    • Happy Mother’s Day Happy Birthday

      Happy Mother’s Day to you! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

      Happy Mother’s Day Dear Mommy! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

      I love you so much! I love you so much!

      I love you, Dear Mommy! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

*TEACH the Lesson:

Discuss the following points together, asking children questions, drawing pictures, using anchor charts or post it notes.

TEACHING POINT 1: Honor Your Mother

(Note- if there is a child in the class that does not have a Mommy- refer to their special caregiver- Auntie, Grandma- whoever God has placed in their lives to be the nurturer. Remind children that if Mommy is on a trip or can’t be there- God, our Heavenly Parent is always there for us too. We can experience the Motherly Heart of God through women.)

Discuss Ephesians 6:2 together

"Honor your father and mother, which is the first commandment with a promise.” -Ephesians 6:2

  • In the Old Testament of the Bible we learn that God gave Moses the “Ten Commandments”. This was like an important rule book from God. God gives us rules as a guide. If we follow His ways, we can live a happy and fulfilling life.

  • One of the important commandments is to: “Honor your father & mother”.


  • What do you think God means in this? What does honor mean?

  • What are some ways we can honor our parents & make mom feel extra special this week?


    • Being a Listener- Doing what we’ve been asked to right away without complaining- like cleaning up our toys, washing our hands before meal, getting ready for bed on time.

    • Saying Thanks- Showing Mommy we are grateful for her through hugs and kisses. We can say “thank you” for cleaning my clothes, cooking for me, helping me, praying for me…)

    • Being Respectful- Sometimes Mommy is busy on a phone call or in the middle of a chore and we can show respect by waiting or saying “Excuse me Mommy.”

    • Forgiving- Forgiving Mommy when she makes a mistake. Remember Mommy is doing her best and still learning how to be the best Mommy she can be.

    • Bringing Joy- Make Mommy happy! Make her a card, sing her a song, be kind to your siblings, be a helper, pick some flowers, do your best!


“Beyond the natural love of children for their parents, every child should be taught filial piety and reverence for each of his or her parents and God, the source of all true love...The goal and purpose of children's realm of heart is to learn the way of true love, through practicing filial piety.” -Sun Myung Moon

  • True Father teaches us about an Eastern tradition of “Filial Piety”. This means to become a filial son or daughter not only to Mommy and Daddy but to God, our Heavenly Parent.

  • Filial piety is having “the heart of heaven”. Being in “awe” and showing “admiration”.

  • In showing love and respect to our Mommy (and Daddy)- we honor God. (A long time ago, God’s first children Adam & Eve had a hard time listening to their parent- God. So God is yearning for his children to love and honor Him.)

  • If we’re ever worried, scared, or not sure what is right- we should go to our parents first. We should trust in our parents and learn to trust in God.

  • Filial Piety is also showing respect not only to our parents- but to all elders. Like our grandparents, aunts & uncles, teachers, coaches etc. In some cultures we use terms like “Onni/Nuna or Opa/Hyung”, “Mam & Sir”, “Mr. & Mrs.” , or “Auntie and Uncle”.


God is our Heavenly Parent and loves us unconditionally in the same way our Mothers do- God is loving, embracing, worries about every detail of your life and wants the best for you- just like your Mommy! We are grateful for our Mothers who show us the feminine aspect of God. Today we celebrate Mother’s Day & we want to shower her with love and gratitude! We want to make sure Mommy knows how special she is to us. This week, we will try our best to be good filial sons and daughters and honor our Mothers (& Fathers) at home.


Dear Heavenly Parent, Thank you for a Mommy’s love! Thank you for showing us kindness, joy, patience, love and peace through our Mothers. We are grateful for your parental heart. Today we celebrate Mothers and we will do our best this week to show Mommy how special she is by being good children! Amen. Aju.

APPLY the Lesson:


  • Role Play: Take turns being the “Mom” and the “children”. Practice different scenarios like cleaning up your toys or taking turns with your sibling. Show the right way to show honor and respect to Mom.

  • She Loves It, She Loves It Not: Every child gets a flower. Children take turns saying things their Mother “Loves” and “Doesn’t Love” as they take off a flower petal until all are gone. For example: she loves chocolate, she does not love mess…

  • Trust Fall: Play the trust fall game. Where the child closes their eyes and teachers catch them. Children learn that it’s important to trust in their parents & God. Parents will always be there to catch you and they are always there for you.

CRAFTS: choose 1

  • Completing Crafts- Complete whatever Mother’s Day craft you began last week! Perhaps taping on a photo, adding “writing words” to a drawing, decorating etc.

  • Love Coupons- Print & color or make your own special coupons for Mommy such as “set the table, special favor, Mommy’s helper…” Decorate an envelope for the coupons.

  • Photo frame- Glue together a Popsicle stick frame & decorate with stickers for Mommy.

  • Footprints- Have children make footprints “Mom, you’re TOEtally awesome!”

  • Coloring pages- Have children draw Mommy or color in Mother’s Day printables.

  • PINTEREST < < Click for lots of fun Mother’s day crafts and activities!


  • Fruit kabobs: Make fruit kabob flowers to give to Mommy! (or eat yourself).

  • Veggies: Mommies love it when you eat your veggies! ;)

Enjoy the lesson! Feel free to submit photos to lgavin@unification.org Love seeing lessons come to life and each community

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